Sports Medicine & School Medicine

We have identified specific areas of healthcare where we can make a difference. Using our medical expertise and experience, we create and implement unique, tailored processes that deliver excellent care in more efficient, affordable and scalable ways.

Sports Medicine

Providing schools with expert medical care to manage and reduce pupil injuries.

We provide schools with a medical package that covers the prevention, treatment and management of all pupil injuries, whether they happen on or off the sports field with a particular focus on concussions. We work with schools to ensure that injured pupils receive the best possible care and return to sport as quickly as is safely possible.

This service trades as ‘Return2Play’ and has it’s own website with further information. Please use the button below to visit

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School Medicine

Providing excellence in healthcare for day and boarding schools.

We provide schools with a medical package that encapsulates clinical care, safeguarding, administrative improvements and guides senior management teams on all matters related to pupil and staff wellbeing.

Our doctors provide more than just clinical care. They have an intimate knowledge of school environments and will be involved in wider school life at your school. They are therefore able to provide a unique, tailored service underpinned by proactively focusing on pupils and staff health and the topics of sleep, stress, physical activity, nutrition and mental health. Ultimately providing gold-standard care to the entire school population.

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OK, where do I start?

Whether you are interested in our Sports Medicine, Schools Medicine or Lifestyle medicine services, we’d love to hear about how we can help you so please get in touch.

Meliora Medical Group’s Sports Medicine service operates under the name ‘Return2Play’ and has it’s own website.

Return2Play are the UK’s leading sports medicine provider for schools, clubs and universities.