Return2Play feature on BT Sport’s ‘Rugby Tonight’

There is absolutely no doubt that managing concussion properly significantly reduces risk and that is the message that needs to be pushed out at all levels of the game.– “Dr.Barke”

On February 27th 2019, Return2Play’s Medical Director, Dr Sam Barke, was invited to appear live on BT Sport’s ‘Rugby Tonight’ programme.

Dr Barke was interviewed by the show’s hosts Sara Eggan, Ugo Monye and Austin Healey, as well as guest Sam Warburton, about the growing concerns surrounding player welfare in Rugby.

They discussed Return2Play, the importance of the research into concussion being undertaken, and the fact that whilst it’s important the risks associated with Rugby are discussed, it’s also critical that the various benefits that Rugby and all sports bring in terms of physical health, mental health and personal development are further highlighted.